About Our Team

  • Neil Anderson

    Coming from a BSc(Hons) Computing degree background, being CISCO CCNA qualified in 2006 and also being a Qualified Microsoft Certified Professional, Neil has worked with major corporations and home home users for over five years providing ICT support to their end users. This support ranges from day to day tasks routine tasks such as ranging between 1st line and 3rd line support, and have been involved in the installation and implementation of several VoIP over WAN telephony systems.

    Being a CISCO Certified Network Associate, Neil is responsible for the day to day running of network equipment including the configurations of a layer 3 switch environments, monitoring these network infrastructures and ensuring the uptime is kept to its utmost. By utilising monitoring by our software solution, Orange Peel Computers will know there is an issue on your network before the customer does. Being a domain administrator on the network of each business Orange Peel Computers supports, Neil is involved with all aspects of ICT support to all of its end users.

    During this work, Neil took time to build up Orange Peel Computers with its extensive customer base and excellent relationships it has with its many customers.

About Our Website

Orange Peel Computers is an ICT support company capable of assisting you with all your ICT needs.

Operating to ITIL guidelines and standards, we are able to manage any resolutions or changes required and document these accordingly. Orange Peel Computers is committed to maintaining your business and service continuity and provide a hosting service which guarantees 99.9% uptime.